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small and medium-sized towns attract more French people

The French could turn away from metropolises in favor of small and medium-sized cities, according to a survey by SeLoger.

“Peripheral France” would take its revenge. The French may prefer small and medium-sized towns to the detriment of metropolitan areas, according to a survey by SeLoger. Their attractiveness will have been reinforced by the Covid-19 crisis, citizens having been deprived of public space for two months, and fearing a possible reconfiguration. The trivialization of telework would give space. ” In Brittany, our ad consultations jumped 17% in mid-April Explains Séverine Amate, spokesperson for the SeLoger group. ” There is also an increased appetite for houses which concentrate 2/3 of research

A suburban house rather than a city apartment

Why settle for a small apartment in a metropolis when you can afford a house for ten minutes for the same price? The hexagonal real estate market cards could be shuffled. From the data collected on the different SeLoger sites, several Ile-de-France cities are doing well: Choisy-le-Roi for example, is one of the cities sought. The occurrence of the term “house” in real estate searches, targeted in this city of Val-de-Marne, has jumped 25% since last year. Leaving the capital for Choisy, the Parisian will triple the area of ​​his accommodation. Other cities in the Parisian suburbs, such as Alfortville and Gennevilliers, also stand out in this survey.

Metropolises lack the argument to keep their inhabitants

Outside of Paris and the Ile-de-France region, the province is also experiencing the same phenomenon. Metropolises are starting to run out of arguments to convince city dwellers to resist the sirens of the countryside, according to this survey by the publisher of real estate websites. Several cities are honored in the post-containment market: Ambarès-et-Lagrave, half an hour from Bordeaux, Saint-Herblain, around twenty minutes from Nantes or Ronchin, just a quarter of Lille time. For the city of the Nantes conurbation, for example, this represents a 41% gain in area for a resident. Givors, near Lyon, and Marignane, near Marseille, are among those cities that attract city dwellers in their search for houses.

In addition, the keyword “house” itself has been very successful. French internet users, whether they “stroll” on web pages or actively search for a good, are more likely to enter the term on SeLoger’s sites. The presence of the word, for example, increased by more than 50% for the cities of Gennevilliers, Hoenheim and Chantepie, between 2020 and 2019.

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