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Sorare, the playing and collecting cards, issued on the Ethereum blockchain in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFT) today welcomes a prestigious guest that all lovers of football will at least see with respect, and very often with veneration: Diego Maradona! El pibe de oro joins the Sorare team as a coach, followed by his team Gimnasia la Plata. 111 exclusive cards of the living God of Football will be issued and can spice up future leagues confrontations on the Sorare site!

It’s up to you to play with Sorare!

You may have noticed, at Cryptocurrencies we never tire of talking to you about the Sorare project. We explained it to you a few weeks ago: collecting Sorare footballer cards, bringing your champions together in teams all star, to then see them compete against other competitors in the different available leagues operates the synthesis ofa deeply childish pleasure, with a dimension technological obvious and exclusive.

And as it is not forbidden to do good business while having fun, the craze around virtual playing cards does not weaken and the items NFT Sorare can be very good investments, directly related to the performance of players on the turf of real stadiums in real life. We will quote for example the card Hendrik Van Crombrugge traded for $ 2,000 a few weeks ago.

The Hendrik Van Crombrugge card exchanged for $ 2,000

Sorare promised: 2020 will be a year full of surprises, with the regular integration of new teams. Note for example the signature with the club Betis Seville on April 23. This time, Sorare is having a great time, making the game nothing less than a legend for any lover of studded shoes: Diego Maradona, the special one.

Diego Maradona and the Gimnasia la Plata join Sorare

So we learn it today via a press release, Sorare announces a partnership with the Argentine club Gimnasia la Plata for the issue and distribution of collectibles under official license, all running on the Ethereum blockchain.

The club plays in the Superliga, the First Division of the Argentine Football League System

As part of this partnership, Sorare will issue 111 collectibles digital images of Diego Maradona on the Ethereum Blockchain:

  • 1 unique trainer card,
  • 10 super rare cards
  • and 100 rare trainer cards
Maradona joins Sorare

Managers engaged in league tournaments on the Sorare platform will be able to use this new master card in future iterations of the game.

Note that not only does the news look good, but it also marks a new stage in the context of the game itself. Diego Maradona will indeed embody the first coaching card issued on Sorare. The game plans to give great use to these special cards for managers, who have bonuses and the possibility of unlocking new features.

On the side of Gimnasia La Plata, the ambition is obvious: to set up an initiative to promote the brand on new digital platforms, in particular online games, strategic growth areas for football.

And you, what are you playing at?

A little reminder of the rules is essential : each week, managers make up teams of 5 player cards who compete in different football leagues. These clashes allow you to win prizes and unlock achievements. Managers are classified according to the performance of their players on the field, and bonus points linked to the power of their cards. The more efficient a manager, the greater the rewards. And these rewards are made up of prize money in Ethereum!

Nicolas Julia, CEO of Sorare, explains:

Nicolas Julia, CEO of Sorare

“Gimnasia la Plata is one of the oldest football clubs in Argentina. We are proud and enthusiastic to welcome them as the first South American club in Sorare. “The addition of the Maradona to Sorare coaching card will also open up new possibilities for the game. This is a key step in our vision to create a fantastic world football game.”

Noberto Gobbi, Marketing and Commercial Director of Gimnasia La Plata, welcomes the completion of this strategic step:

Norberto Gobbi signs with Sorare

“The new digital tools represent not only a great opportunity for Gimansia to offer our fans new possibilities of interaction, but also new sources of monetization.

In this new sports marketing scenario, being able to use them for the benefit of the institution, our partners and our fans gives us added value. This is why we are the first club in Latin America to be part of the Sorare community, joining the most important clubs in the world. Together, we hope to generate new actions, offer entertaining options to our supporters and continue to position ourselves as an innovative club in technological matters. ”

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