despite excess mortality, requests for survivor’s pension fall

Retirement Insurance estimates that 40% of widows and widowers should have applied for survivor’s pension during confinement, but they did not.

The number of applications for a survivor’s pension fell between March 16 and May 13: Pension Insurance received 17,000 applications when it should have received 28,200, according to Le Monde, despite the excess mortality due to the Covid-19 epidemic. These are estimates, related to demographics, among others. About 40% of widows and widowers who should have applied for these pensions after the death of their spouse did not do so.

However, the reversion is not automatic: it is only paid to those who request it, to each of the pension plans of their deceased spouse (basic and complementary). Pension Insurance received little mail during the confinement. ” We generally get the impression that people don’t dare to bother us “Explains Renaud Villard in the national daily newspaper. ” They call us little, especially “, Adds the Director General of Pension Insurance.

The survivor’s pension can now be requested online

At the end of April, the procedure for applying for a survivor’s pension was adapted and it is possible to file it online. “Vou can now return, via your secure personal area of ​​the Retirement Insurance site, the form, in PDF format, of reversion request, as well as your scanned or photographed supporting documentss ”, specifies Renaud Villard. It is possible to call the regime, at 3960 (six euro cents per minute), to initiate its request. An adviser will pass ” The required time To guide people in their process, open the file and send the documents by mail.

The online procedure is common for several basic plans, including that of the Liberals, and the sending of PDF forms via the Internet also works for other requests concerning pensions, such as the minimum retirement pension or the purchase of quarters.

MSA, SRE and Agirc-Arrco also record a decrease in reversion requests

The Mutualité sociale agricole (MSA) is also talking about a drop in demand for survivor’s pensions in recent weeks. MSA takes care of basic retirement for employees and farmers and supplementary retirement for farmers. She mentions a decrease in the files received by 40% the week of April 20 compared to the same period in 2019. It is about the same thing on the side of the State Pension Service (SRE), which manages pensions of civil servants, and of Agirc-Arrco, the complementary scheme for employees.

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These other plans are also implementing online demand. From July, a single reversion request, all plans combined, will be possible: you will have to go through the retirement account of the Interregimes site.

Widows and widowers have 12 months to apply for survivor’s pension

Widows and widowers have one year to apply for a survivor’s pension: the starting point will be the first day of the month following the death. Payments are retroactive. Beyond the twelve months, retroactivity is no longer possible. But the rule does not apply to all plans.

In addition, requests for retirement also declined during confinement. Different plans find that people who should have applied for retirement have not done so.

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