Bitcoin on May 21, 2020

Bitcoin (BTC) back to 9,070 USD level today, May 21, 2020, as we go to press: a few bitcoins moved from an old wallet have moved the price fluctuation lines of BTC, which was still confined recently, in a restricted range with little volatility. The daily RSI (14) has gone down well: we are now operating in a neutral zone whereas, only 2 days ago, we were at the 60 level, with an over-sold Bitcoin.

Satoshi or not Satoshi

Not surprisingly, the tweets of the past 24 hours have hovered around 40 BTC displaced yesterday, May 20, 2020, who come from a wallet sleeping since 2009.

The first reflex of a large number of cryptophiles was to say that these Bitcoins come from the wallets even of the dad of Bitcoin, which thus returns to the cryptosphere, after being inactive for some time.

Other crypto analysts like WhalePanda, think that Bitcoin is in the midst of a $ 400 drop due to “idiots” who think that Satoshi Nakamoto is moving BTC.

WhalePanda is even adamant when he replies to the founder’s tweet Litecoin ((LTC), Charlie Leesuspected by my editor to be the real Satoshi Nakamoto : ” NO, Satoshi didn’t move anything. He was just an early miner. “

Changpeng Zhao also reacted to these rumors – difficult to remain silent for this great defender of Bitcoin faced with this type of news : the opinion of CZ, although nuanced, goes in the same direction as that of WhalePanda.

He answered with questions rather than affirmations: ” Is Satoshi will one day run out of money? Will he want more money? Will he want more fiats? We know the answer. “

Bullish or bearish

Satoshi or not Satoshi, the question is whether this transaction will positively or negatively influence the price of the BTC.

If these BTC belong to Satoshi, it could just as well be a bullish signal as a bearish signal Bitcoinaccording to Willy woo :

The bears may feel that even if the father is selling his BTC, so it’s time to get out of the caves and take control of the market.

However, the transactions BTC from an old wallet have predicted a bull race in the past.

Is Bitcoin worth only what it is ultimately given? After all, if Satoshi Nakamoto is proven to liquidate a few BTCs, the temptation to do the same will be great in the Bitcoinsphere and, the price of BTCs could drop to levels we no longer expect. Satoshi Nakamoto may be an anonymous figure, but his accounts are paradoxically under the constant surveillance of many observers.

Litecoin, welcome in the Silver Age

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