a senior receives an average of 447,000 euros in pensions in France

A senior retired in 2017 will receive an average of 447,000 euros in pensions until his death, according to France Strategy.

France Strategy has calculated the “retirement wealth” of the French: it is 56% higher than their private wealth, according to the economic and social think tank attached to Matignon. A senior retired in 2017 will receive an average of 447,000 euros in pensions until his death, reports Le Monde, or an average of 18,900 € per year for 23.6 years. Wealth means, for many, housing, savings books, life insurance or financial investments. But the social heritage should not be overlooked, in particular pension rights.

In detail, this “retirement wealth”, established by France Strategy, is 430,000 euros on average for men, and 462,000 euros for women. However, the latter have lower pensions, since they touch on average 42% less than men, excluding reversals, according to the direction of research, studies, evaluation and statistics (Drees). ” This result is explained by their longer life expectancy “Explains to the national daily Gautier Maigne, head of the society and social policies department of France Strategy,” and by the fact that they are more likely to perceive a reversion ” Women indeed represent 88% of the beneficiaries of these pensions according to the Drees, paid to widows and widowers.

“Retirement wealth” is greater than private wealth

The “retirement wealth” is 56% higher than the private wealth held by 50-65 year olds when they retire, according to France Strategy. It reached an average of 286,000 euros in 2017. And above all, notes the organization, it is much less unequally distributed than private wealth. Pensions have a redistributive and corrective effect on wealth, also reports the newspaper La Croix.

According to the study, a higher education graduate will receive an average of 543,000 euros in cumulative retirement, compared to 410,000 euros for an individual who does not have a baccalaureate. The difference between the two people in terms of pensions is not obvious, compared to the difference in private wealth: it averages 232,000 euros for the non-graduate against 417,000 euros for the graduate. ” In the end, the wealthiest 10% receive a retirement wealth equal to 1.4 times that of the least wealthy 10% “, Specifies the note.

Pension reforms have broadly reduced this wealth

In addition, the study by France Stratégie notes that “lhe successive reforms of the pension system have reduced the overall amount of pension wealth ” Since 2002, the reforms have reduced this heritage by 7.4%, or about 35,000 euros, reports the Catholic daily. A decrease due to later departures, which therefore reduces the time spent in retirement and therefore the total amount paid. “Lhe decline in pension wealth due to the reforms is greater for the lowest deciles (-13.6% or € 28,000 for the poorest) than for the upper deciles (-7.1%, or € 56,000 for the poorest richer) According to the agency’s calculations.

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